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4 Main Reasons Why SEO Is Here To Stay (Demo)

What makes SEO worth all the attention? Since the inception of SEO, it only seems like SEO is growing bigger and popular. Every business, small and big, experts and new internet users are running towards the latest SEO tricks. As Serpbook will tell you, SEO

Facebook vs. Google: AdRank Auction Factors [Infographic] (Demo)

Many businesses use Google AdWords as part of their advertising strategy, but many are still warming up to Facebook Ads. An infographic from Ice Cube Marketing compares the two platforms, which—perhaps not surprisingly—have some similarities. For example, each is a bidding-style platform, and bids can be manual or automated.


Color has a profound effect on human behavior and emotions. It plays a major role in our visual perception and influences our reactions to the world around us. For years, psychologists have studied the correlation between colors and emotional response. Reactions and attitudes to colors

10 Website Fails Your Business Is Making (Demo)

A website for your business is no longer a luxury — it’s a necessity. But, just because you invested in a website doesn’t mean that it’s effective in connecting with your customers and ultimately improving your sales. While there could be numerous reasons why your website isn’t effective,

Resolutions to Improve your Business Online Presence (Demo)

In today’s tech-energized world the larger part of numerous organizations’ financial plans are being allotted towards advanced – and in light of current circumstances. Advanced promoting permits organizations of all sizes to hyper-focus on their group of onlookers, track vital KPI’s and demonstrate ROI. Despite