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As a brand identity agency, we help companies in Midrand to develop a brand identity that is a coherent articulation of their unique brand values, personality traits and aspirations. This enables them to create a clearly definable position that connects with their customers, helping them grow their businesses.

Corporate Identity & Logo Design Midrand

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Corporate Identity & Logo Design Midrand

What is Corporate Identity?

The term corporate identity refers to an organization’s perceived commercial character in Midrand, Gauteng. Both internal and external corporate identities should be the same. A corporate identity strategy aims to create a distinctive and autonomous market presence that is highly recognizable.

One of the most commonly misunderstood terms in business is corporate identity. Many people conflate the term with logos or mistakenly think it only applies to sectors such as banking, legal, or technology. However, corporate identity (also known as company identity or company id) is essential to the success of all brands, irrelevant of size or industry.

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Managing a brand and corporate identity requires three tools that should be interlinked, and each has the potential to affect the overall impression of the company.

Corporate Design

Corporate identity is usually equated with corporate design. Nonetheless, in reality this is only one side of a corporate identity – specifically the company’s visible image. So, corporate design is probably the most immediately apparent part of the corporate identity. Parts of corporate design embrace the company logo, its visual corporate presence at trade festivals, the design of the company website, and the outstanding design features of company merchandise and packaging.

Corporate Behavior

The significance of corporate behavior when it comes to its impression upon corporate identity should by no means be underestimated. This additionally includes the conduct of a company towards all those who may very well be thought to be stakeholders. Aside from external behavior affecting clients, media, and the general public, corporate behavior will also be shaped by internal issues. These include, for instance, the honest treatment of staff and the behavior and management style of the management crew. Company employees in turn may also have a significant affect on corporate behavior, based mostly on the values they choose to adopt.

Corporate Communication

A consistent language and communication model are also vital parts of a corporate identity. Corporate communication concerns common commercial activities similar to press releases and advertising slogans in addition to all the numerous activities that might be considered internal communications, including communications with and between staff, the employees magazine, and so on.

How Much are Corporate Identity and Logo Design Package Costs/ Pricing in Midrand (2021- 2022)?

Corporate Identity pricing in Midrand can vary widely. An agency might charge R1,500 to R250,000, depending on the brand, who they are and the scope of the project. But not all businesses need to invest that much. Magoven Creative Studio is able to bring agency-level design and expertise to the same project that has a higher cost elsewhere.

Below is suggested pricing.

Starter Corporate Design Package

1x logo design
1x business card
1x letterhead
2x design revisions


Growth Corporate Design Package

2x logo design
2x business card
2x letterhead
2x email signature
3x design revisions


Maturity Corporate Design Package

3x logo design
3x business card
3x letterhead
3x email signature
4x design revisions


Corporate Corporate Design Package

7x logo design
7x business card
7x letterhead
7x email signature
7x design revisions


Logo Corporate Design Package

2x logo design
2x design revisions

Corporate Identity & Logo Design Midrand
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