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Best Animated Explainer Video Company in South Africa

Explainer videos and infographic animations for a wide variety of uses across the entire media spectrum.

We translate complex ideas and processes from written text into compelling, relatable, and visually dynamic short films designed to inform, entertain, and connect with your target audience.

Animated explainer videos include custom graphics and animation. These videos are perfect for explaining products, services or processes. The only limit is your imagination.

Interactive videos let viewers take action within videos. Viewers can decide the direction of the video, fill out a form, buy products and more. These videos are extremely engaging.

Screen recorded videos are great for showing people what a web or mobile app looks like, how it works or how to use a specific feature. These videos are great for onboarding and support.


Explainer Videos

Magoven Creative Studio specializes in hand-crafted, high quality animated explainer video production.  Our videos deliver your message to your clients creatively and efficiently.

These keep users on your website longer, increases your conversion rate, and even bumps up your SEO rating.  All of the big companies have one, so why shouldn’t you?

Since you don’t need to hire actors or find real locations (like you do with live action video) your imagination is the only limit. We can create the perfect characters, scenery and graphics to tell your story, your way. Animated videos are suitable for a wide range of use cases; from explaining a product, service or concept, through to customer onboarding, training your team and more. The best animated videos combine vibrant colour, dynamic movement and short, snappy messaging – wrapped up and packaged into a format that’s proven to engage, inform, entertain and persuade viewers.


We design and produce Youtube short videos, animated explainers and many more video products. See some explainer video examples below.

Motion Graphic Videos

Motion graphic videos reach where other forms of advertising cannot. These are animated videos of texts and objects that outline your message in the simplest manner possible.

We use the best explainer video software to produce the best quality videos. Our script writing and advertising knowledge allows us to create compelling motion graphic videos for your business. We consistently produce the best quality by caring for every project as if it were our own.

We always wrap up our videos with a clear conclusion and call-to-action.

Whatever it is, our video will inform the viewer what to do, or where to go, next. They’ve made it to the end of your video – so capitalise on their interest!


Our Video Portfolio

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